Top 10 of Twenty Twelve

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Traditions must be followed. We are proud to deliver our Top pics for the 3rd year in a row – Amcarguide’s Top10 of 2012. And again, we remind you that this list is based on the date when the car was found, not its build or unveil date. We reviewed hundreds of muscle cars, pro-tourers, hot/rat rods and custom cars in order to deliver the best content during this year. And this Top 10 is our personal best list of them all. Enjoy!


The car: Mustang Mach 40
The reason: This is literally the best and the most outrageos pro-tourer we’ve found this year. It was brave and bold move to fuse Mustang with GT40. Excellent car.

The car: Lincoln Continental Coupe Concept
The reason: This is a kind of design trend that top makers should obey. Sales would hit the top.


The car: Cobra Pro-Tourer
The reason: For the courage to mess with traditional body in a way that ends as perfect improvement.


The car: 1969 Saleen Mustang
The reason: For the amazing craftsmanship and state of the art project where old school meets new school.


The car: 1968 Charger Custom
The reason: Sacrilegious. They dared to change the perfect body proportions and ended up with seriously nice pro-touring Charger that looks even more muscular.


The car: “Hammer” – 1970 Plymouth Road Runner
The reason: Superb in many ways. No wonder why it was chosen as movie star.


The car: 1951 Ford Victoria Custom
The reason: Pure blooded, nicely made traditional rod with a perfect body color choice.


The car: 1969 Chevelle Convertible
The reason: Badass beast, pure evil.


The car: Ricky Bobbys’ rat rod
The reason: Rusty gentleman among nasty rats.


The car: Stance Nation SRT8
The reason: Huge 22s, but still only just above the ground. Mean stance.

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