Top 10 of Twenty Eleven

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We’re finally gettin’ some traditions here. The original idea was to make a list of  the best cars we found in 2011, not the cars made in that year, so, here’s Amcarguide’s top 10 best cars of 2011:


The car: 1967 Vengeance Camaro
The reason: It is literally the best damn pro tourer we’ve ever found.


The car: 1969 RoadRunner “RoadKill”
The reason: badass… evil… awesome…


The car: 1967 Nova by the Roadster Shop
The reason: extraordinary front grille


The car: 1971 Mustang “Project Pegasus”
The reason: that’s the car Angels drive in Heaven


The car: Custom Magnum SRT8
The reason: perfect minimal tune – when a lil’ means a lot


The car: 2005 300C “Night Light”
The reason: suicide doors on coupe


The car: HXC ‘Cuda
The reason: that’s the next ‘Cuda Nash Bridges would drive…


The car: 2011 Pontiac Banshee
The reason: ’cause we want Pontiac back!


The car: Custom Cadillac
The reason: as its hood says “standard of the world”


The car: 2011 Retro Mustang by John Heermann
The reason: for respecting the retro

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