Mustang Mach 40

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Wow! Eckert’s Rod and Customs Shop set new and high standard here. What they did is called “Mustang Mach 40” – mid-engined combination of 1969 Mach 1 Mustang and 2006 GT40. The aim was to combine modern Ford technology with the Mach 1 body by keeping 1969 style “true-to-its-roots”.
After short study of their build photos we saw that this project took an outrageous amount of efforts and labour to get that Mustang-GT40 body shape. The car is actually completely custom. Not a surprise – it was modified to sit the engine in the middle. The engine is a modified 5.4 liter dual overhead with a conversion to a flex-fuel system. It also is mated to a massive 4 liter Wipple supercharger.
The shop says it generates 600-850 horses. You can actually choose the power you want with a dial control in the car. Awesome, huh? We’re pretty much sure this Mustang Mach 40 project is gonna get into our Top 10 of 2012 list and we know it is going to SEMA this year.

Images: Eckert’s Rod Shop [used with permission]