2012 Dodge Magnum

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Well, we’ve got some inspiration recently… Since there’s so much buzz about the new 2011 Chrysler 300 and its special editions, we’ve remembered 300’s cousin – the Dodge Magnum. There’s no buzz about the new possible 2012 Dodge Magnum, so … Continued

Cadillac Ciel Concept

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According to Cadillac chief designer  Ciel Concept represents the new design trend for future Caddies. It blends retro themes with current design. This concept also strengthens new full-sized four-door convertible class. Ciel has suicide doors and no B-pillars between them. … Continued

Ford Cobra Snakehead Concept

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Shelby Cobra, that debuted half a century ago, is probably one of the most replicated cars. Sadly, there’re no real intentions to build an other Cobra model, so many enthusiasts struggle to do this themselves: Reuben Zammit’s KC-427, Jamie Martin’s … Continued

2013 Viper by Dr GoFast

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There’s one more great concept of 2013 Dodge Viper by Dr-GoFast digital art designer. While there’re still no official news this concept Viper suits our thirst perfectly.

Barracuda Concept

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Boy oh boy. There is a bunch of great designers all over the world that car makers should hire or at least get advices from about their future concepts. Take a look at this Plymouth Barracuda Concept made by digital … Continued

2014 Mustang GT by Doug Schramm

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Our fellow Doug Schramm [designer of Metalcrafters’ Charger] finally updated us with finished designs of his 2014 Mustang GT. Some specs: the car has similar proportions as DB9 Aston Martin, has manual transmission and 5.0 liter Twin Turbo Ecoboost engine. Cobra … Continued

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