Ford Cobra Snakehead Concept

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Shelby Cobra, that debuted half a century ago, is probably one of the most replicated cars. Sadly, there’re no real intentions to build an other Cobra model, so many enthusiasts struggle to do this themselves: Reuben Zammit’s KC-427, Jamie Martin’s Cobra Venom V8, Neal Bailey’s Blade XTR. Actually, most of the recent muscle car concept effort was brought by enthusiasts, not manufacturers. Ford has unveiled their last Cobra Concept in 2004 and it was awesome.
Talented designer Andrus Ciprian brings us an other snake – the Ford Cobra Snakehead concept. The modern 21st century interpretation of what Shelby did years ago – stuff massive engine into small car. Andrus, however, concentrated on design mostly and you can definitely discover Ford Focus front end features in this concept study. Muscular wheels arches, body shape itself, rear end designs says it is definitely Cobra and it probably would be powered by the new Ford’s 5 liter monster V8.