C3R Retro Stingray Corvette

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What you see here is an amazing C3R Corvette Stingray Concept purposed by Christian Cyrulewski. Christian was inspired by C3 Corvette and added some modern and noticeable perspectives in his design. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwUKsO2IUgc&feature=related

FireBlade – Concept Corvette

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If this Corvette ZR1 concept would get into production many muscle car enthusiasts would certainly be happy. South African designer Indries Noah designed his FireBlade in very aggressive and mean way. He was inspired by such cars as Shelby Daytona … Continued

2010 Yenko Camaro Prototype

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General Marketing Capital Incorporated (GMCI) revived the Yenko Camaro at SEMA show. This Yenko beast is based on 2010 Camaro SS but has its engine supercharged and intercooled. The so-called “Phase 1” package also includes Tremec 6-speed manual gearbox, Hurst … Continued

Spied: Corvette Stingray Concept Cabrio

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What You see here is C6 Corvette modified to look as Sideswipe from Tranformers movie, but convertible including some significant changes, like a different hood, grille and wheels and  vertical LED-strip lights missing.  This one was spotted  hanging out in … Continued

Cobra Venom V8

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This futuristic muscle car concept was designed by Jamie Martin who was inspired by the iconic Anglo-American muscle car – AC Cobra. Jamie’s concept is named Cobra Venom V8 and it uses the latest technology to suit the modern present. … Continued

1995 Ford GT90 concept

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The modern angular-looking concept car was unveiled in 1995 at the Detroit Motor Show  with a GT90 nameplate. This supercar was claimed to be “the world’s mightiest” at that time:  quad-turbocharged 6-liter V12 with 48-valve engine was mounted in the … Continued

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