Shelby Cobra by Kirkham Motorsports

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This Cobra replica belongs to the owner of Kirkham Motorsports. When money is no option you may expect a really good quality and attention to details. 5 men worked on this project for 2.5 years. It features a custom hand-built … Continued

12.9 liter Weineck Cobra V8

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Yup. This Cobra does have it. All 12.9 liters, all 1100 horses. And it is daily driver. Weineck Engineering (Germany) did THE job. There only are 15 units done at a price of 545k euros. Which is not that much … Continued

Ford Cobra Concept 5

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Wow. Cipriany, the designer, says his render is Ford Cobra Concept 5 [the number probably only means the number of the render] and it was inspired by Ford Shelby Cobra Concept, Cobra AC and Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept. Render: Cipriany … Continued

Shelby Cobra Pro Tourer

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Guys from found an amazing pro touring Shelby Cobra at forums. User named JRDean has built an amazing and truly one of the best pro touring Cobras. He claims he had once owned 427 Cobra replica and was … Continued

First ever Shelby Cobra

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This year is 50th Anniversary for Shelby, so they pulled out their first ever Shelby Cobra to the daylight. That’s the car that started it all. This Cobra was constructed by Carroll himself when he paired AC Ace body with … Continued

Random Snap: 1965 Shelby Cobra 427

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Take a look at this great vintage photo of the original 427 Shelby Cobra. AC would have probably left quite a dull little car, but luckily Shelby found it and equipped it with enormous Ford’s power. The legend was born. … Continued

V12 Shelby Cobra

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This is an awesome Cobra Kit Car with Mercedes V12. It belongs to Magnus Jinstrand [Sweden]. Since it is easier to find European stuff in Sweden’s junkyards that American muscle  the car has no Ford engine under the hood. Magnus … Continued

Ford Cobra Snakehead Concept

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Shelby Cobra, that debuted half a century ago, is probably one of the most replicated cars. Sadly, there’re no real intentions to build an other Cobra model, so many enthusiasts struggle to do this themselves: Reuben Zammit’s KC-427, Jamie Martin’s … Continued

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