2000 Chrysler 300 Hemi C Convertible Concept

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One more missed chance to make good sales. Chrysler unveiled this 300C Hemi convertible concept back in 1999. It featured their new 5.7 Hemi, rear wheel drive and 4-speed automatic transmission.  12 years later this 300C looks more like a … Continued

2007 Buick Riviera Coupe Concept

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New school. This stunning Buick Riviera Coupe Concept got much attention during Shanghai Auto Show back in 2007. The gullwing door and carbon fibre bodied coupe concept was developed by the global Buick team. This Buick Concept is designed to fit … Continued

Chrysler Atlantic Concept

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Damn how did this ugly thing slipped our radar? Chrysler Atlantic Concept was unveiled back in 1995 and it stood as 1930’s styled luxury coupe. The car was designed by Bob Hubbach, who used tubular chassis that utilized Viper’s suspension … Continued

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