Dodge Charger Concept

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This is a very interesting Charger Concept  by Alireza Saleh who happens to be a design student from Iran. This particular study of muscle car is obviously very much influenced by the original brand’s heritage and legacy with a few … Continued

Cadillac Ciel Concept

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According to Cadillac chief designer  Ciel Concept represents the new design trend for future Caddies. It blends retro themes with current design. This concept also strengthens new full-sized four-door convertible class. Ciel has suicide doors and no B-pillars between them. … Continued

Barracuda Concept

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Boy oh boy. There is a bunch of great designers all over the world that car makers should hire or at least get advices from about their future concepts. Take a look at this Plymouth Barracuda Concept made by digital … Continued

Cadillac XTS Platinum Concept

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Cadillac unveiled their latest concept – the XTS Platinum – in 2011 Geneva. The concept combines high level of luxury with modern technologies like entertainment, navigation and information systems. XTS is powered by 3.6 liter V8 engine combined with electric … Continued

Buick concepts by GMI

posted in: Concept | 0 had a very interesting initiative towards Buick Roadmaster and Wildcat. They believe Buick has lots of undeveloped potential. So they did some R&D themselves. GMI offer the next generation Lucurne to be renamed to Roadmaster and feature a rear … Continued

Dodge Charger III Concept

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Decades ago a good car formula was simple – big engine stuffed into a midsized car. Even though Chrysler had the HEMI they didn’t had nothing to compete with Corvette or T-Bird – the 2-seater roadsters –  until the almighty … Continued