2015 Dodge Stealth concept

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The Stealth concept you see here is designed by famous FIAT partner Pininfarina. Rumours say 2015 Stealth may incorporate some serious power and all wheel drive besides economic 4-cyl engine. 392 HEMI may be the one to spin awd model.

Dodge Monaco Concept

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Originally Dodge Monaco was intended to compete with Pontiac Grand Prix back in the sixties. Initially, it came up as full-sized luxury sedan. The Monaco received special badging and different design treatment. What you see here is a Dodge Monaco … Continued

Lil Red Wagon

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According to a recent Dodge brand survey, 68 percent of fathers had a little red wagon when they were children. This custom 2005-2006 Hemi Magnum is an other great example of tastefully done customization. Photos by: roadsidepictures, Pat Durkin

Dodge Charger III Concept

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Decades ago a good car formula was simple – big engine stuffed into a midsized car. Even though Chrysler had the HEMI they didn’t had nothing to compete with Corvette or T-Bird – the 2-seater roadsters –  until the almighty … Continued

1968 Dodge Daroo I

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Daroo I is one of the best and most radical show cars Dodge has ever built. The car was created for ‘ 68, ’69 seasons by, again,  George Barris who happened to be one of the design trendsetters at that … Continued