Dodge Charger III Concept

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Decades ago a good car formula was simple – big engine stuffed into a midsized car. Even though Chrysler had the HEMI they didn’t had nothing to compete with Corvette or T-Bird – the 2-seater roadsters –  until the almighty Viper was born. But in fact, they almost did it with 1968 Dodge Charger III Concept that was unveiled to the public in 1969.
Charger III had advanced aerodynamics, GM’s shark-like nose and short backside and … no doors. The entire cockpit raised up, steering column swung away, seats lifted up 8 inches to get more space to get into the car. Very futuristic, but also very dumb and impractical – getting in was complicated, there were no rear window, no rear mirrors.
All in all it seemed to be interesting including “engine service hatch” which allowed quick and easy maintenance checks and rear spoilers that open up to stabilize the car and help while braking.
With some practical changes Dodge III concept could have been sent to production line and start 2-seater roadster competition earlier.

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