1954 Pontiac Bonneville Special

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This Bonneville concept was specially built to be unveiled at GM’s Motorama back in 1954. Pontiac Bonneville Special is the first ever  2-seater sports car Pontiac has ever produced.

“The Special” is an experimental grand touring coupe designed by Harley J. Earl and hand built by to crafters Paul Gilland and Homer C. LaGassey Jr. This Bonneville features all-plexi canopy with gull-wing panels and fiberglass body.

The Bonneville name was inspired after Earl’s trip to Bonneville salts. Many decades had passed and it became Pontiac’s top end performance platform since then.

Two prototypes were built – metallic bronco and emerald green. The aim was to unveil them simultaneously at Grand Ballroom and Pan Pacific Auditorium.

Images: Pontiac