C9 Corvette rumored for 2028

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According to recent rumors, Chevrolet is already preparing for the next generation of the iconic sports car, the Corvette. The ninth-generation Corvette, or C9, will debut in 2028, nine years after the current C8 model was introduced in 2019. This … Continued

V7 Twin Turbo

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This is “V7 Twin Turbo“ – custom 1963 Chevrolet Corvette with some italian-like custom recipe. You see, when GM builds a Vette it is pretty straight forward classic – big engine, RWD and front-mounted engine. This though is custom. It … Continued

LS9 powered C1 1959 Corvette ZR59

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There’s one helluva good Corvette at the Wilwood booth at 2011 SEMA. It is 1959 Corvette ZR59 built by Palmer’s Custom’s & Cal West Customs. The ‘Vette is LS9 powered with still-original and classic looking body design. 750 horses breathe … Continued