1974 AMC Javelin

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AMC didn’t get close to the “Big Three” but still is a very respectful company that offered the muscle car fans a few nice cars AMC Javelin being one of them. This particular pro-touring 1974 Javelin was listed in craigslist … Continued

AMX-400 by George Barris

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This custom 1969 AMC AMX was made by George Barris for the Banacek TV series. Barris did the Wildcat Mystique and The Car too. AMX got heavily modified: the stance was lowered, the roof was chopped [5 inches], the body … Continued

AMC AMX3 Prototype

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Due to bulky AMC engineering they started to look for sophisticated European alternatives even though Gremlin and Pacer were headed the right direction. After the 1969 Chicago Auto show where they exposed AMX2 and got much of positive reaction AMC … Continued