Viper will feature a supercharged V10

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Hold your horses. MOPAR is getting really serious here. Reports say that Chrysler is getting delivered supercharged V10! Damn, that’ll bring its top dog MOPAR title back and will easily outdo the 707-horsed Hellcat. Anyway, it probably will not pass … Continued

Rumors: Ford is to kill V8 after 2017

posted in: Other | 0 put up a rumor, that Ford is to discontinue the V8 after 2017. Their “insider” said, that due to CAFE and EPA pressure (not custumers, sales or whatever!) Ford is to put the V8 engine away. Their 2016 Ford … Continued

Is Saleen counting last days?

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Damn, looks like the very famous Saleen Automotive is having serious financial strugles. Jalopnik has discovered that company’s latest earnings report (Form 10-Q) is more than sad. On the September 30th Saleen only has $7,261 in cash. A company that … Continued

Guys threw a challange to Ken Block

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And failed. Watch this video and decide yourself. But we’d say, Ken Block would do 360s around these guys while they’re doing their. Probably, they don’t even know who are they messing with. The video title and the end of … Continued

Cadillac ATS-V.R

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Cadillac revealed their next race car – ATS-V.R which is powered by 3.6-liter twin turbo V6 that develops around 600 hp. The ATS-V.R will also be homologated for GT3 racing.

2015 Chevrolet COPO Camaro

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Chevy introduced their 4th gen COPO Camaro at the SEMA show. They are planning only 69 units of this hand-factory-built beasts. This muscle car is eligible for NHRA Stock Eliminator and Super Stock classes. You’ll find 5.7-liter LSX V8 with … Continued