Callaway SC610

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Performance Engine Displacement – 6.2L/376 cu. in. Maximum Power – 610 hp @ 6400 rpm (SAE) Maximum Torque – 610 lb-ft @ 4400 rpm (SAE) Standard Equipment Callaway GenThree Supercharger with TripleCooled™ Intercooler System Callaway Carbon Engine Covers with SC610 Emblems … Continued

Callaway Sledgehammer

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Back in 1988 Callaway took a C4 Corvette and turned it into speed monster – the Sledgehammer. The idea was to beat the speed record. They managed to reach 254.76 mph [410 kmh] by using 898 HP and 772 TQ … Continued

2014 Callaway Camaro Z/28 SC652

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For those who find their 2014 500 HP Z/28 short in power Callaway has their kit to offer. It converts your Z/28 to 2014 Callaway Camaro Z/28 SC652. Callaway’s Z/28 keeps all the standard equipment, but ads TVS supercharger that … Continued

Callaway C7 AeroWagon

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Callaway, known for its Corvette-treatment, plans to convert your latest C7 Coupe Vette into Shooting Brake for “just” under $15K. They call it AeroWagon conversion. It is gonna attach some extra roof space. “Based on market reaction, Callaway plans to … Continued

Callaway C16 Corvette

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Callaway Cars Inc. is a notable engine design company specially for their Corvette modifications. Firstly, Callaway developed turbocharget kits for BMW, VW, Porsche and others, but the real deal came with twin turbo kit for Corvette in 1987. The latest … Continued