Rumors: Ford is to kill V8 after 2017

posted in: Other | 0 put up a rumor, that Ford is to discontinue the V8 after 2017. Their “insider” said, that due to CAFE and EPA pressure (not custumers, sales or whatever!) Ford is to put the V8 engine away. Their 2016 Ford GT has no V8 anymore and GT always stood for the future trend setting for Ford. And this makes us concerned. If this is true, it is very f#*king sad…

But, an other commenter on reddit said: “This is completely wrong. I am personal friends with an engineer in Ford’s ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) division, who has already done all the work for the 2018 5.0L GT.”

All in all, emision and eficiency standards are getting tougth to beat and there is some posibility this may be true, but… fingerscrossed.
There’s no Ford if it hasn’t got V8.