Callaway C16 Corvette

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Callaway Cars Inc. is a notable engine design company specially for their Corvette modifications. Firstly, Callaway developed turbocharget kits for BMW, VW, Porsche and others, but the real deal came with twin turbo kit for Corvette in 1987. The latest … Continued

Forgotten Corvette Concepts

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Wow… Take a look at these Corvette Concepts shown at GM Hertiage Center: Mako Shark, XP and mid-engined Indy Corvettes. It is sad, that Chevy never production-lined their mid-engined idea. This could have been a serious and influential performance improvement … Continued

Custom Stingray Corvette

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One more beautiful custom muscle car – Stingray Corvette from 2010 SEMA Show. Even though front end is questionable, the rear one looks seriously decent. Update: custom C6 Corvette was built by Speed Channel show “Chop Cut Rebuild”. It was … Continued

C3R Retro Stingray Corvette

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What you see here is an amazing C3R Corvette Stingray Concept purposed by Christian Cyrulewski. Christian was inspired by C3 Corvette and added some modern and noticeable perspectives in his design. httpv://

FireBlade – Concept Corvette

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If this Corvette ZR1 concept would get into production many muscle car enthusiasts would certainly be happy. South African designer Indries Noah designed his FireBlade in very aggressive and mean way. He was inspired by such cars as Shelby Daytona … Continued

Anteros Corvette

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If You own a 2009 Corvette and are not happy with the way it looks [?!] one of the choices may be the offer from n2a Motors – convert Corvette to Anteros model. It takes 12 weeks to build Anteros … Continued