C9 Corvette rumored for 2028

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According to recent rumors, Chevrolet is already preparing for the next generation of the iconic sports car, the Corvette. The ninth-generation Corvette, or C9, will debut in 2028, nine years after the current C8 model was introduced in 2019. This new generation of Corvette will feature a gasoline engine, despite the fact that it will arrive just six years before the states’ ban of the sale of non-zero-emissions vehicles.

While no official details have been released about the C9’s drivetrain, it is reported that it will not be based on the same platform as the fully electric Corvette sedan and crossover that are said to arrive in 2025. These models are said to be the basis for an entire Corvette sub-brand, and will be “copies of nothing” according to a source within GM.

The C9 Corvette, as with its predecessors, will be built at GM’s Bowling Green, Kentucky plant. While it may be a while before we find out if these reports are accurate, there are still more C8 Corvette variants expected and the current models on the road are already impressive.

Pictured: C9 Corvette Render by Pedro Ruperto from Ruperto Design