2000 Buick Blackhawk concept

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This 2+2 Buick Blackhawk convertible a an outstanding expression of all that Buick car is. This 2000 concept car is impressed by older retro Buicks and matched with modern style and perforance. The front grille idea is taken from 1939, … Continued

2004 Shelby Cobra concept

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This 2004 Shelby Cobra concept roadster is inspired by the original 1964 Cobra that was developed by Carroll Shelby himself. The project was led by Manfred Rumpel from Ford’s Advanced Product Creation and built in 5 months. “Massive motor in … Continued

Volga in a cool way…

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While surfing the net I found this speechless Volga interpretation. I am sure this in a modern look at a Soviet Union Volga Pobeda. Recently, a lot of kinda tuning style Pobeda’s were made usually equipped with BMW engine. Volga … Continued

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