Leonhard’s Plymouth Road Runner concept

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Inspired by 1970’s famous Plytmouth Road Runner austrian designer Micheal Leonhard gave the word nice futuristic interpretation of the new Runner that could theoretically be equipped with 5.7 liter engine together with 6-speed manual or automatic gearbox. There are two things that seriously make this concept muscle car be exceptional – headlights that are not visible through tinted glass until lights are on, and muscular back part of the roof having typical Runner’s grafics. Lately big wheels come as default – in this case 22’s rear and 20’s in front.  So no big impression comes there. Powerful look is strengthened with rear diffusor and dual exhaust. When keeping other concept or already production muscle cars in mind [Camaro, Challenger, Charger], this one does not seem to be very original: same decade’s redesigned exterior with similar wide and angular stylistics. Anyway, petrol-heads would love to drive one, That’s for sure..