New car is a depreciating asset

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If you are buying a new car it is really important to remember that a car is not an investment – a new car is a depreciating asset. Over time it loses its value so buying a new car is … Continued

2012 Roush Mustang SR packages

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Tuning company Roush Performance offers 3 new programs: eye-catching styling Stage 1, styling and handling Stage 2 package and the most interesting performance package with their Stage 3 aka 2012 Mustang RS3. Stage 1 The Roush 2012 Stage 1 Mustang … Continued

Ford Cobra Snakehead Concept

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Shelby Cobra, that debuted half a century ago, is probably one of the most replicated cars. Sadly, there’re no real intentions to build an other Cobra model, so many enthusiasts struggle to do this themselves: Reuben Zammit’s KC-427, Jamie Martin’s … Continued

1958 El Nomado

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This custom 1958 El Nomado couples Chevy’s Nomad and El Camino. Since Chevrolet  actually never produced such a vehichle, El Nomado took a lot of custom work. It took someone to combine 1958 Chevrolet Biscayne sedan with 1958 Nomad wagon. … Continued

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