1970 Boss 0770-SR Mustang

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This pro touring custom 1970 Mustang was made by JM Enterprises. They took 1970 body, made it GT-wide and put an ugly wing in the rear end with the beautifully blended modern Mustang fascia in front. The 0770-SR can be … Continued

Buick concepts by GMI

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gminsidenews.com had a very interesting initiative towards Buick Roadmaster and Wildcat. They believe Buick has lots of undeveloped potential. So they did some R&D themselves. GMI offer the next generation Lucurne to be renamed to Roadmaster and feature a rear … Continued

AC Cobra MkVI

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Over the last years many AC Cobra replica makers were in pursuit in perfection. Only one of them, Jurgen Mohr, even managed to get an official badge from AC. And not it is official AC joined their forces with Jurgen … Continued

Overestimated Berger SS Camaro

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We’ve faced so many limited edition muscle cars recently that is it hard to understand whether those are worth something at all. Even manufacturers balance themselves on the limited edition essence risking to corrupt them. But what to say about … Continued

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