Top 10 of 2013

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Traditionally, this is our 4th time, we bring you the Top 10 of the best American muscle we have found during last year.


The car: 1947 Buick Superliner
The reason: ultimate land yaht. Pure luxury, extreem attenteion to details.


The car: Cadillac CTS-V
The reason: practicaly has never been so awesome yet. Very tasteful upgrades that improove the looks and performance.


The car: SRT8 300C
The reason: we love conversions. Great idea, great execution, great looks.


The car: Charger SRT8
The reason: look at it! It is absolutely amazing badass muscle.


The car: 1987 Camaro – “F87″
The reason: heavy modifications get it done right rarely. This one is great. Real Jet fighter.


The car: 1969 Plymouth Valiant – “Pissed off”
The reason: literally the best interior job we’ve ever seen. Perfect.


The car: 2004 Ford Mustang
The reason: for badass everything: the paint, the wheels, the unusual targa top treatment, the tasteful widening job.


The car: 2014 Mustang GT
The reason: for bringing in the freshness. Nobody ever did something like that. Great car, great idea.


The car: Magnum SRT8
The reason: interbreed and great color choice


The car: 1954 Buick “G54″
The reason: it has to be here. Period.