Top 10 of Twenty Ten

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It is a little late to announce the best cars of 2010, but frankly we came up with this idea only now and it is too early to announce the 2011 ones, so… The idea was to choose from the cars we found in that particular year, not the cars made in that year, so, here’s Amcarguide’s top 10 best cars of 2010:

Position: #1
The car: Miss Pearl – 1954 Cadillac
Reason:  ’cause it is an ultimate land yacht. Pure, clean and snow white beauty.

Position: #2The car: The Kuda
Reason:  ’cause it is so clean it hurts.

Position: #3
The car: Mustang RTR-X
Reason:  we’re still sentimental about the NFS game, we love protourers, it’s badass.

Position: #4
The car: Yannic’s Rat Rod
Reason:  ’cause it is the best modern rat we’ve ever found.

Position: #5
The car: Posies Aeroliner Sport
Reason:  ’cause it’s graceful, clean and hot.

Position: #6
The car: Welderup Rat Rod
Reason:  pure rat with tons of smoke. Brave enough to be diesel one.

Position: #7
The car: 1955 Chevy NewMad
Reason:  A perfect tribute to NoMads.

Position: #8
The car: ETC Camaro
Reason:  Pure evil. Real badass. Asphalt ripper.

Position: #9
The car: Breathless – 1952 Buick Riviera
Reason:  ’cause it is breathless for sure.

Position: #10
The car: Schramm’s Charger
Reason:  for upholding the retro. Propper beast.