Chrysler’s 2012 SRT8 L-Platform

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There’s quite a lot of buzz about the Chrysler’s SRT8 muscle cars recently: Challenger SRT8 392, Charger SRT8, 300 SRT8, Cherokee SRT8 are all based on the same L-Platform that features stiffened suspension, sporty cosmetic licks, and latest 6.4-liter Hemi … Continued

SMS Challenger 570

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The name behind SMS is Steve Saleen – same person to esatblish famous Saleen brand. SMS Challenger 570 and 570X are modified versions of latest generation Dodge which are available from Dodge dealers. They have new functional “red butterfly” intakes … Continued

Radiantz Challenger

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An other interesting muscle car from this year’s SEMA – The Radiantz Inc 2010 Dodge Challenger SRT8. The Radiantz guys promote their LED products with their 1st generation inspired 2010 Challenger. Wheels, vinyl roof, chrome bumpers, trim, etc… Super sweet … Continued