TOPO – The WideBody King

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This post is about The Widebody King – Topo [it’s a nickname from childhood meaning “gopher” in Spanish]. Even though he started his career in late mid-90’s with his custom 2-door 1995 Cadillac Fleetwood Broughham lowrider [it was 4-door originally], he became famous for his recent Challengers, Camaros and Chargers wide body treatment. His “all metal” bodies are loudly discussed in forums [he has no website!]. Topo’s custom all-metal fender flares are elegant and aggressive at the same time, body lines are continues and smooth. Topo’s next project is going to be a 2010 Mustang.

Big Black Challenger on 26s
This car is the first Challenger that he built. It belongs to Topo’s buddy George from JW Motorsports.. It has wide body and 26-inch rims with 7-inch lip. It got a lot of buzz after appearing in public.


Asanti Challenger
After Asanti saw the wide body Challenger that Topo was building for his friend George, they ordered one too. This one fits in 24-inch wheels with 13-inch lip.


Cult Energy Challenger

This matte black widebody 2008 STR8 Challenger is also known as Cult Energy Challenger [it’s a promo car for the owner of Cult Energy Drink]. It has both rear and front fenders widened. The rear one had 3.5 inch pull to fit 335/20/20 Tires, while the front fender got a 2.5 inch widening treatment [285/30/30 tires]. This beast is powered with 440ci Arrington engine with a 8.3L Whipple sitting on top, SHR NAG1 Tranny, Full Pedders Suspension, StopTech Brakes. It is tuned for safe street use and has ±510 HP [the potencial is about 800 HP].

[Thanks Chris]

Silver Challenger

This hot silver Challenger one has 26-inch Asanti wheels in back and 24s up front – take a look at those Asanti logos.


Wide Blue Super Bee Charger

This widebody 2008 Dodge Charger Super Bee got all-metal wide rear end, 22-inch Forgiato wheels [front is 10-inch, rear is 12-inch wide ]. It is equipped with Techco twin-screw supercharger, Challenger-like hood, Memphis sound system, custom R1 rotors, CKS coil over suspension. What a sweet wide ride…


Daily Drive Charger

Topo is rolling on 22s with a 7.5-inch lip. Naturally, it has wide body treatment and some cool touches like the 1963 Biscayne taillights.


Golden Challenger

This Challenger is the one, that made even the most famous petrol-head Jay Leno have some issues while parking it in some show.


2009 Forgiato Challenger R/T

with Forgiato Trifolio 24-inch rims, Magnacharger Supercharger and custom red-and-black interior. This one is one of a kind and for sale — $65.00


Camaro Justice

This widebody 2009 Camaro looks like Bumblebee’s little brother, but it has some extra BIG features – big, fat fenders, big black side vents and enormous wheels.


2010 Widebody Camaro

This 2010 widebody Camaro took 2 months for Topo to build. This one also took the hardest job, but he managed to widen it about 4 inches on each side – the middle door spot is stock, but the upper and lower spots are bolted to meet wide rear end nicely. It has different rear vents and fuel-cap on top to look more exotic. Rear fender fits 26-inch brushed aluminum flat-black TAS wheels.


Black Widebody Camaro

This Camaro rides 26-inch rims and is black. What else to say – just look at it 🙂


Silver Camaro


One more Yellow Camaro

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