2011 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am concept

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Even though GM stopped producing Pontiac, there still are a lot of Pontiac fans that even have some ideas to share for the 2011 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. We all know, that Firebird was based on Chevrolet Camaro, so when 5th generation Camaro concept was delivered to the public it seemed logical to expect the 5th generation Firebird too. But…

This beautiful peace of art was brought by ASC Creative Services guys. 2010 Camaro based Firebird concept looks seriously cool and probably would face good sales if it would hit the streets. The Firebird concept brings the 1970 Bird’s features, while keeping Camaro’s bodyline and shape:

There are no official intends to produce upgrades for Camaros to become Firebirds from the ASC, but we also got some more concept designs for Trans Am from other fans:

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