Firebreather aka 2011 Firebird Trans Am

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The newest 2011 Firebird reanimation comes out of Classic Design Concepts shop. Pontiac is definitely the saddest loss from GM, so since Chevy dropped their new 5th gen Camaro into market, Pontiac enthusiasts started to manipulate Camaro as a donor car for their beloved Firebird.
CDC shop’s Firebird is named FireBreather. Well, take a look at its nose grille with quad headlamps, shaker hood, futuristic tail lights and the 6.2 liter Camaro SS’s 599 HP V8 under the hood and this name will truly suit the new Firebird concept which is available at fairly reasonable $60.000. Only doors and roof are shared from the original Camaro. All other body panels are custom. It is supercharged by E-Force Edelbrock, has Hurst 6-speed manual short shifter, cold air intake, cat-back exhaust, 20-inch alloy wheels on lowering springs and heavily revised interior. This car is going to be a movie hero car in “Jinn” movie. And this is the first time when the moviemaker sales a movie hero car themselves.
Custom 2011 Pontiac  Firebird Trans Am concepts like this Firebreather is probably pricking GM board’s conscience.

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