1968 Dodge Daroo I

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Daroo I is one of the best and most radical show cars Dodge has ever built. The car was created for ‘ 68, ’69 seasons by, again,  George Barris who happened to be one of the design trendsetters at that time. The design idea was to make it look in motion even if it is standing still.
Dodge Daroo I started as 1967 Dart GT Convertible. Barris added 17-inch nose and shortened the rear by 10 inches in order to get a smoother look. Convertible top was replaced with lowered windshield with continuing side windows that gave the car a yacht look. It was only 42-inch high.
The interior was all-custom with gauges directed to the driver. Barris’ deep orange body color soon was changed into candy apple green for ’69 season. The finished product featured a set of nonfunctional longhorn injectors and side pipes for show-floor savvy. The engine of the 1968 Dodge Daroo I was left stock – 383 Magnum.

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