World’s smallest Chevrolet 327 V8 engine

World’s smallest Chevrolet 327 V8 engine

When this Chevy V8 engine was introduced back in 1962 it was the most powerful production small-block V8 untill LS6 came in 2001. 327 cubic engine was single-cam, natural aspirated. One of the petrolheads, Jim Moyer, expressed his respect to this engine by building its miniature – the 1/6th scale model that actually works. Jim spend a lot of time fabricating all the parts – block, head, crank, pistons, cam and others. The mini engine has spark ignition, oil system that are exactly like the ones from 327 muscle.
Even though it works quite well, this Chevrolet V8 mini engine still need improvements in order to run it longer: water-pump, carburetor, valve caps.


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