HXC Cuda

HXC Cuda

HXC Performance was founded by Adam Geake in order to develop aftermarket parts for Challenger. In order to attract some attention he unveiled his “Cuda Accessories” via HXC Performance. He needed a show car – HXC ‘Cuda was born. Many believe that the 1971 ‘Cuda was the best looking one, so HXC chose to base its conversion on it. Included is a new grille, fender “gills” [only used in ’71], Shaker hood, tail lights and a new rear valance.

Adam joined forces with KW suspensions and built the Cuda muscle car. The convertible was make in collaboration with the famous DTC [Drop Top Customs, same ones to offer a T-Top roof option for the last generation Camaro].  All in all HXC Cuda is mostly a trim package with some KW suspension upgrades. Convertible is much more serious conversion though.  The engine, gearbox are left stock. Guys, Hot or Not?

Photos: hubgarage.com, autoblog.com, HXC Performance

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