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Edelbrock Corporation is a performance parts manufacturer for both autos and motorcycles. Established by Victor Edelbrock in 1938.

The story is, that Victor wanted to increase his 32′ Ford Roadster performance by designing new intake manifold [device that mixes air and fuel] that soon after more drivers wanted as well on their Fords. He transformed his garage into parts manufacturing one that makes special parts and equipment for automobiles. Edelbrock made a huge impact for aftermarket-parts industry.


This is a nickname of Vic’s manifold that he manufactured together with Tommy Thichston for his 32′ Ford improvement. After some tests and a national speed record, Victor soon got Ford Company request to manufacture 100 “Slingshots”.


During WW2 Edelbrock had some work with aircraft parts. Even though, racing was banned during war, Edelbrock secretly developed a new line of products. Soon after war he produced aluminum cylinder heads as addition to his manifolds and this gave Vic success among petrol-heads. Due to testing his products, Edelbrock decided to join midget car races in 1946. Experiments with nitromethane gained him glory at these races.

Chevy and Edelbrock

Until 1955 Edelbrock manufactured parts only for Ford, Lincoln and Mercury, but after Chevrolet send their small-block for testing, new era began. Chevy gave 3 engines of 1st generation: one was experimented with dynamometer, other – with multi carburetor manifolds and the 3rd one was prepared for boat builder, that managed to set 2 world records with Edelbrock’s modified Chevy engine.  Edelbrock was the first one who managed to get one-HP-per-cubic-inch – he took Chevy’s 283 cubic engine and joined it with his new Cross Ram Manifold.

During 1960’s Edelbrock joined SEMA and his son, Vic Edelbrock Jr. managed to get President and CEO positions there [still holds them today]. During fuel crisis Victor produced “Streetmaster” line that had better millage and performance. Since 1987 Edelbrock Company has an extraordinary growth.

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