Horsepower competition inside MOPAR

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There’s some tension and competition under Chrysler’s umbrella. After Dodge released their 707 horsepowered Hellcats (Challenger and Charger) an other iconic nameplate is questioning it power output. That happens to be the Viper. The Hellcat delivers 707 HP and 650 … Continued

Medusa – SRT Viper roadster conversion

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Dodge offered their hot Viper Coupe via SRT sub-brand. And there’s no official drop top version, so Prefix Performance fixed that by offering their “Medusa” conversion service. It transforms your SRT Viper Cuope to soft-top SRT Viper roadster. Even though it … Continued

Hennessey Venom 700R

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Well, Hennessey could be a synonym for “more power”. They are know for giving ridiculously huge extras for the engines they tune. Hennessey Venom 700R is no exception. They start with already venomously powerful SRT Viper and install their supercharger … Continued