Horsepower competition inside MOPAR

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There’s some tension and competition under Chrysler’s umbrella. After Dodge released their 707 horsepowered Hellcats (Challenger and Charger) an other iconic nameplate is questioning it power output. That happens to be the Viper.
The Hellcat delivers 707 HP and 650 TQ while the snake offers as much as 640 HP and 600 TQ.
Rumors say, that engineers will try to out power the Hellcat by supercharging their V10. 800 HP and arround 650 TQ is expected. Actually, some say there already are a few prototype engines put on the testing. Looks like we’ve got a horsepower war in Mopar’s house. That’s good. Power is good. But you’ll have to upgrade drivetrain, chassis and bodywork.

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