Ford with Cobra and no Shelby for 2015 Mustang

Ford with Cobra and no Shelby for 2015 Mustang

Road & Track‘s Ford insiders claim Ford is to drop Shelby name for 2015 top range Mustang. The public opinion says that Cobra name may be used instead as it is already very familiar with Mustangs.

Shelby American will probably have their own range of powerful Mustangs while SVT division might get more spotlight in developing performance-orientated 6th generation 2015 Mustangs.

Expectations for the top rage 2015 Mustang does not reach current 662 horses (GT500), but it at least should maintain 5.0 liter V8. V6 is possible and turbocharged 2.3 liter 4-cyl is there for sure.

The 6th generation styling will definitey keep the Mustang’ish cues and something from Evos concept. Motor Authority have some spy shots that tell nothing actually, but… it seems like 2015 model is gonna feature sportier look and lower positioned tail lights.

There was a thread at where a forum member claims he was selected as member of test group for the real 2015 Mustang. According to him, the 6th generation Mustang has longer than current front end with slit-styled headlights and honeycomb front grille, shorter trunk with louvered tail lights. He also claims the third tail light is located below the licence plate. He was asked to point the 2015 Mustang concept that is the closest to the original 2015 Mustang and he pointed at this one below:

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