3 tips to get the right insurance quote

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There’re some tricky things you should better know when insuring your classic muscle car.

1. Have the value in mind
Most of the classic car owners pay little attention to insurance and get the traditional quote. But there is a difference. You see, traditionally cars lose their value over the time while most of the classic and old school muscle cars tend to increase their value. So, if you got a traditional insurance and had an “issue”… you are in double trouble – the car damage itself and lower (than you expect ) payout.

2. Say what you are up to
The other interesting thing is that classic car insurance may be cheaper. Yes cheaper. If you get to the right insurance company and inform what you are gonna do with it. The idea is that this is your baby, your precious, your investment and you have no intentions to hurt it. You’ll pay less. Specially If it is not your daily driver.

3. Make a research
Do not hesitate to contact a few companies to get your cheap car insurance. Make sure they understand this is not an ordinary car – it has rising value and it is very well taken care for. Get your quotes and make the right choice.

Most of classic car enthusiasts and collectors spend a lot of money on their cars. It is like and investment and should be treated that way. Getting the right quote will asure you are getting fair payout if in need. It is the best to agree on the car’s value which may be done in a number of ways (parts, labor, condition, origin, etc.). You may get some restrictions of millage, treatment, even your age and drivers experience. You may even have to prove you’ve got an other car which is your daily driver. But the best thing is, that your car is insured the right way and you’ll get the 100% payout if your car gets into trouble.