Callaway C16 Corvette

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Callaway Cars Inc. is a notable engine design company specially for their Corvette modifications. Firstly, Callaway developed turbocharget kits for BMW, VW, Porsche and others, but the real deal came with twin turbo kit for Corvette in 1987.

The latest creation is Callaway C16 based on C6 Corvette. C16 is offered in 3 body styles – convertible, coupe and speedster. All of them are marketed as rivals for european supercars. Well, with Callaway modified LS3 engine C16 produces 650 HP and this may be enough to fight the mighty europeans. Especially with the 700 HP Callaway C16 Speedster.

Photo credits: Ron Kimball [Speedster and Convertible], Bill Delaney [Coupe]

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