Volvo hotrods: Caresto V8 speedster and Jakob

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Jakob – the hotrod Volvo

This hot rod was built for Volvo’s 80th anniversary ad inspired by the first Volvo production car ÖV4 [Open Car, 4 cylinders] which was nicknamed Jakob. This modern hot rod is hand-built. It has aluminum body, carbon fibre chassis, 5-speed manual M90 gearbox, stainless full-flow exhaust system, 19-22 rims, 265 HP Volvo 5-cylinder turbocharged engine [T5]. This Volvo was manufactured by enthusiasts Assar Gabrielsson and Gustav Larson. All parts were engineered by themselves and got together with the help of skilled craftsmen.

Caresto V8 Speedster

There was an other famous Volvo hot rod made back in 2006. Leif Tufvesson is one the most skilled and respected Swedish car constructors that has built a few cars that go international acclaim [he has worked for Volvo, Koenigsegg, was awarded “Hot rod of the year” by Hotrod Magazine in 2004]. The best known car is his Caresto V8 Speedster powered with mid-placed 4.4 liter Volvo engine which may gain up to 339 HP if fueled with ethanol, and a bit less – 313 HP with simple petrol. It took 2 years for him to built this car in his own company Caresto. Many experts claim Leif precision and attention to details, quality.
Leif himself says that this car is more a sports one, but maybe it will establish a new trend of Sports Rod. It has a 60/40 weight distribution and handles well. This hot rod has 6 speed automatic transmission [with sequential manual shifting] and weights about 1200 kg.

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