Air Force cars: Mustang and Challenger codenamed X1 and Vapour

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U.S. Air Force decided to improve their recruitment by customizing two re-born muscle legends: Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger. The two monsters, code named X-1 and Vapor, were made by MTV’s “Pimp My Ride” guys from Galpin Auto Sports.
GAS guys were asked to built military inspired crafts and… they did it quite well. Ford Mustang – the X-1 – was given a custom bodykit, scissor-doors, custom wheels and totally outrageous interior. Ejection seat, Jet fighter-like panel with a joystick to control.

Dodge Challenger – Vapor – got Mad Max style exterior with radar absorbing paint, custom carbon wheels, proximity sensors, 360 degree camera [1/4 mile range]. Interior was improved by adding one more steering wheel to a passenger, aircraft style console, high resolution screens in order to see what is behind, NOS and stinger missiles.
Wow… Where should I sign in order to recruit myself? ­čÖé

Photos:, Galpin Auto Sports


Ford Mustang X1



Dodge Challenger Vapour


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