JL Full Throttle Hemisfear by Chip Foose

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This eye-catching Foose coupe was unveiled in 2006 SEMA show, but the idea of this car was generated years before, in 1990, when Chip Foose was a student and attended in Chrysler’s niche market vehicle design program. He managed to blend three different niches: hotrod, super car and muscle car. Mid-engine configuration for super car, hotrod styling and power of muscle car.
At first, this concept car which is now called JL Full Throttle Hemisfear or Foose Coupe was supposed to be one-of-the-kind, but sponsors from RC2 Corp. suggested a 50-unit run. The idea to make the body from metal was soon replaced by carbon fiber material. They fitted 392 HEMI SEFI Crate V8 Engine [6.4 liter, 540 HP] which is visible though the rear window. Well, looks like this 3 million dollar investment into Chip Foose’s dream coupe  – JL Full Throttle Hemisfear – is worth each penny.


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