AMX-400 by George Barris

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This custom 1969 AMC AMX was made by George Barris for the Banacek TV series. Barris did the Wildcat Mystique and The Car too.
AMX got heavily modified: the stance was lowered, the roof was chopped [5 inches], the body lengthened by 18 inches. The nose of the custom car was extended 15 inches and given a wild new look with a radical bladelike grille bars. The 2-scooped hood matched the grille shape, the exhaust  was side exited. There was a similar to Mustang Milano taillight system: full-width light glowed green while accelerating, amber during deceleration, and red while braking. The interior and engine remained stock – the 315 HP 390-cubic V8. Front end of the car reminds an other Bariss’ car – Buick Wildcat Mystique. The became known as AMX-400.

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