Buick Wildcat Mystique

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George Barris called  himself King of the Kustomizers. Probably he was right – he’s one of the best know car customizers. Even particular spell “Kustoms” came from Barris. He customized cars for TV [Batmobile, Knight Rider, etc.], advertising and celebrities [Elvis, Elton John, Sonny and Cher, etc].
What You see here is his custom made 1965 Buick Wildcat called “Mystique“. Long and low –  the wildest cat of them all. Originally, this car was ordered by Hollywood actor Brian Donlevy, who asked George to build a Buick that would represent future styling concepts. Firstly, Barris added 10 inches to the front and 12 inches to the front to form “W” shape grilles. The 400 HP Mystique was chopped 2.5 inches and painted in apricot pearl color. Great masterpeace.

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