2015 Shelby GT350 Price leaked

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HorsepowerKings.com repoted that 2015 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 MSRP is set at $52,995. The report also suggests that the “tech” package costs $2,995 and “track” package will also be available. Base GT350 features 5.2-liter flat-plane crankshaft V8, 500 hp and … Continued

Is Saleen counting last days?

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Damn, looks like the very famous Saleen Automotive is having serious financial strugles. Jalopnik has discovered that company’s latest earnings report (Form 10-Q) is more than sad. On the September 30th Saleen only has $7,261 in cash. A company that … Continued

2013 Dodge Charger 2-door coupe

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Charger was a 2-door coupe decades ago, but Dodge somehow dared to make a 4-door sedan from it. Many enthusiasts still think this step was sacriligeous and do their best to bring good old 2-door Mopar days back. What you … Continued

Guys threw a challange to Ken Block

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And failed. Watch this video and decide yourself. But we’d say, Ken Block would do 360s around these guys while they’re doing their. Probably, they don’t even know who are they messing with. The video title and the end of … Continued