Rocket – 2015 Mustang by Galpin & Fisker

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725 – that many horses will bring your 2015 Rocket Mustang. Henrik Fisker and Galpin Auto Sports joined to build this extraordinary 2015 Mustang. It features a supercharged V8, carbon-fiber body (by Fisker) and luckily it is not a one-off car, but a low volume coach-built series that’ll be available for a bit over $100K.

“It’s a special moment when you get to work on a car like the Ford Mustang. This is a project born out of passion, it’s a dream come true, to have the opportunity to “touch” a Mustang and apply my design ideas to it,” said Fisker. I love the 60’s American muscle cars. They are more sculptured, with more radical proportions and bold details than European counterparts. My favorite Mustang is the 1968 Shelby GT500 that had this long hood and huge air intakes; it gave me butterflies the first time I saw it. We wanted to recreate that feeling with this car.”

Photos: GAS