GM is to kill SS and promises no wrong hand Camaro

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Bye SS
When the life cycle is over in 2017, GM is to drop the slow selling V8 SS. Since the next Holden Commodore (which is now a rebadged SS) will probably be based on an Opel Insignia, there’s nothing to support SS existence. Well, Alpha RWD platform could do that, but there’re no plans for that. No SS successor past 2017. Damn.
A candy before the kill
Anyway, GM executive is reported to have said that Chevrolet is now wondering to install some of the Camaro Z/28’s hardware into the SS (like track-tuned suspension and carbon ceramic brakes) which perhaps is a final send-off.

Camaro sends good news to Mustang world
No wrong hand drive option for the upcoming 2016 model. Not yet 100% fact, but pretty straight forward. So, we guess this is good news for the world wide minded ‘Stang.

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