Chrysler Atlantic Concept

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Damn how did this ugly thing slipped our radar? Chrysler Atlantic Concept was unveiled back in 1995 and it stood as 1930’s styled luxury coupe. The car was designed by Bob Hubbach, who used tubular chassis that utilized Viper’s suspension … Continued

Craig Waltjer’s Custom 1969 Mustang GT

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Graig Waltjer got into Mustang since young days. When his brother later a friend got Mustang Mach 1. Many years have past and Craig finally got his Mustang – a beautiful 1969 Mach 1 in pretty good condition. Since his … Continued

Chinese are to revive Studebaker brand

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Studebaker is well know, but sadly, lost american automobile brand that sent the last vehicle to the streets back in 1963. Chinese always had their hand on american market, but haven’t succeeded yet so reviving such brand as Studebaker would … Continued