Boss 429 Mustang by GAS

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Guys from Galpin Auto Spors weren’t satisfied enough with the original 375-horse Boss 429, so they tweaked it to reach 700 horses by using Ford Racing supercharger. We like, that GAS fabricated their own custom wide body instead of using … Continued

Top 10 of Twenty Eleven

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We’re finally gettin’ some traditions here. The original idea was to make a list of  the best cars we found in 2011, not the cars made in that year, so, here’s Amcarguide’s top 10 best cars of 2011: 1# The … Continued

A few guesses on 2015 Mustang

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2015 is going to be an important date for the Mustang family – 50th Anniversary puts it on crossroads where pony will definitely take new direction. Hybrid probably… That sounds awful to petrol heads, but while having ecology and fuel … Continued