Mad Max Interceptor Concepts

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Remember Mel Gibson playin’ Mad Max? Remember the crazy 1973 Falcon? We do. So guess what – the new movie “Mad max 4 – Fury Road 2012” is coming out somewhere in 2012 and Ford is taking a serious role there too.

Ford unveiled two Mad Max Interceptor Concept for voting. Two leading candidates for the Max’s hero car have been created in roughly 40-percent size and are on display at the Australian International Motor Show in Melbourne. Ford Australia and TopGear Australia magazine have extended the voting period through July for readers to pick between the two new spectacular Interceptors concepts being crafted by Ford designers.

TopGear Australia magazine has followed the progress of the cars from the concept stage, right through to full-blown Computer Aided Design. Their progress has been well documented in TopGear Australia magazine with readers being asked to vote on which concept they prefer.

Photos: Ford

Video: Ford Asia Pacific and Africa