The 2011 Fantastic Five Camaros

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More than 40 years ago Joel “Mr. Motion” Rosen turned a simple 427 Camaro engine swap into an empire. Today, his brand is rebuilt: built-to-order, dyno-proven and warranted SS, Phase III 427 and 454 Camaros, crafted by a high-tech dyno shop and available exclusively from a single authorized Chevrolet dealer. Specially prepared 427 and 454 engines power the latest iterations of the legendary Baldwin-Motion Fantastic Five: 2011 SS and Phase III Camaros, dyno-rated at 525 [SS-427] to 800 HP [427-SC Supercar].

Every MOTION Camaro will be built to order at Redline and tuned by Howard Tanner. A full dyno report as well as official Baldwin-Motion documentation and VIN plates will go with each car.

In 1967-1968, Baldwin-Motion marketed its full line of 427 Chevys under The Fantastic Five banner. And, that’s how they’re launching the new line of 2011 MOTION Camaros. The 2011 Fantastic Five:

  • SS-427 [525 HP]
  • Phase III 427 [600 HP]
  • SS-454 [550 HP]
  • Phase III 454 [625 HP]
  • Phase III 427-SC [800 HP Supercharged].

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